Ukrainians are the Closest People to Me

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Sardar Mohammad Rahman Oghli
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Ukraine


Abstract. The author reveals that Ukrainians are the closest people to him, since some important events in his life are related to Ukraine (obtaining higher education). The article describes the professional and diplomatic path of the author, characterises the circumstances of his rise as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Ukraine, and aspiration to forge good-neighbourly relations between Ukraine and Afghanistan.
The article also provides information on the structure and peculiarities of the diplomatic mission with a focus on over 15,000 Afghanistan-born Ukrainians resident in Ukraine, which accounts for the operation of the consular office of the embassy. It also outlines interesting facts about specificity of gender politics in Afghanistan. It is constitutionally enshrined that 30 percent of all deputies shall be women. Four out of 25 ministerial portfolios are currently held by women, which the author applauds, since he has no doubt that women’s experience and ideas are invaluable and must be taken into account in policy-making and public administration processes.
The author narrates about bilateral cooperation at high official levels. For instance, there were held several visits of Ukrainian people’s deputies to Afghanistan; in turn, a delegation of nine Afghani ministers and deputy ministers paid a reciprocal visit to Ukraine. The article stresses that Afghanistan highly appreciates Ukrainian experience. Many Ukrainians in Afghanistan work at the NATO mission or in organisations engaged in building roads and hydroelectric power plants. The author lays emphasis on the fact that dozens of Ukrainians obtain visas for employment in Afghanistan every month.
Special attention is drawn to certain aspects of the history of Afghanistan, namely the heroic upholding of state independence and struggle against foreign invaders. The author stresses the peculiarities of Ukrainian mindset, his affection to and respect for Ukraine.
The Ambassador makes a conclusion that the development of bilateral cooperation will allow strengthening the positions of the two states on the international arena. On behalf of Afghanistan, he voices his support for Ukraine and entertains hopes that the terrible war in Ukrainian territory will soon be over.
Key words: Afghanistan, Ukraine, cooperation, Ukrainians in Afghanistan, diplomacy, official visits.

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