Author Guidelines

Publication of the materials in the yearbook is free of charge. The yearbook works on the principle of open access in accordance with the provisions of the Budapest Open Access to Scientific Literature Initiative. All users have the right to freely view, copy, save, print, or refer to the material published in the edition without the prior consent of the author or publisher. All materials undergo a double-blind peer review process. Please send articles for review to

Requirements for the design of articles

Scientific articles in professional journals must have the following necessary elements:
  1. Statement of the problem in a general form and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks.
  2. Analysis of recent research and publications in which the resolution of the problem is initiated and which the author relies on, separation of previously unresolved parts of the general problem addressed by the article.
  3. Formulating the goals of the article (setting the task).
  4. Presentation of the main research material with full justification of the scientific findings achieved.
  5. Research conclusions and prospects for further exploration in the area.

Sequence of structural elements of the article

  1. Full name of the author (authors must be separated by semicolons) followed by regalia. Placement on the right. Be sure to specify the following (if available): h-index (Scopus and/or Web of Science Core Collection), ORCID or ResearcherID, and the scientist’s appropriate profile links.
  2. Title of the article must be capitalized.
  3. Abstract in Ukrainian, not less than 1,800 characters long (with keywords).
  4. Keywords (5–7).
  5. Text of the article.
  6. Below the text of the article should be a list of references in Ukrainian and English (or transliterated by using the Ukrainian Latin alphabet). Ukrainian-language literature should follow DSTU (State Standard of Ukraine) 8302:2015 “Information and documentation. Bibliographic reference. General principles and rules of composition”. English-language literature must be Harvard-standard. The number of sources must not exceed 40.
  7. After the references, the title of the article, the names of the authors, an extended abstract (not less than 1,800 characters) and keywords in English must be given.
The abstract of the article should outline its content.

Technical requirements for the article.

  1. File name (using Ukrainian Latin alphabet) must be the same as the name of the first author of the article. File with the text of the article must be executed in the Microsoft Word editor, irrespective of the version.
  2. The length should be up to 16 pages (including a list of references) of text, formatted in 14-point font size with a line spacing of 1.5 in Times New Roman font.