About the issue

The 22nd issue of the Diplomatic Ukraine yearbook contains 54 publications including scientific research on the current state and history of international relations, interviews, memoirs, reviews, journalism. Among the authors, there are ambassadors of Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Estonia, Morocco, Palestine, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan, the Chief of Mission at IOM in Ukraine, veterans of the diplomatic service and Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine abroad, as well as contemporary Ukrainian historians and political scientists.


The issue comprises the following sections: 'History of Diplomacy', 'Institutional History of Diplomacy through the Eyes of Those Involved', ‘Diplomat’s Professional Opinion’, ‘Diplomatic Corps of Ukraine’, ‘Modern Diplomacy: Concepts and Realities’, ‘Geopolitics in Modern World’, ‘Figures and Events’, 'Public Diplomacy', and ‘Bibliography’.