About the issue

The 24th issue of the Diplomatic Ukraine yearbook contains 47 publications: scientific and analytical research on the current state and history of international relations in the context of the russia’s war on Ukraine, with a focus on the assistance from the partners. The list of authors includes, inter alia, the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the EU, the Ambassadors of Ukraine to Albania, Argentina, Kuwait, Montenegro, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Korea, chargés d'affaires ad interim of Ukraine in Czechia, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Norway, WHO Representative in Ukraine, ambassadors of Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Japan, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, the USA, Uzbekistan, veterans of the diplomatic service, as well as contemporary Ukrainian scholars and political scientists.


The issue contains such sections as Research and Essays, Geopolitics in the Modern World: russian War Against Ukraine, Diplomat’s Professional Opinion, Diplomatic Corps, Modern Diplomacy: Concepts and Realities, Public Diplomacy.