Ukraine Shall Make Itself Known to the World

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Luc Jacobs
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Belgium to Ukraine


Abstract. The interview with Luc Jacobs, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Belgium to Ukraine, familiarises us with his account of the modern state of bilateral relations between Ukraine and Belgium. The article runs about prospective areas of activity in the course of the Ambassador’s tenure, potentially attractive fields for Belgian investors who need development in Ukraine, and implementation of new initiatives. The article describes, inter alia, the cooperation between seaports of Belgium and Ukraine. Belgium is interested in further strengthening its cooperation with Ukraine in the mutually promising realm of sea transport. Success of Ukrainian exports depends on success of Belgian seaports, since Belgium is a bridge between Ukrainian goods and Europe. The signature of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU gave impetus for strengthening such cooperation.
The Ambassador paid attention to the fact that the Embassy of Belgium to Ukraine maintains contacts with the Ukrainian diaspora in Belgium. Though small, it has a significant influence on public opinion, protects interests of its fellow citizens, spreads patriotic concepts abroad, and collaborates with Belgian non-governmental organisations operating in Ukraine.
The Ambassador of Belgium portrays Ukrainians in a sympathetic light. The Ukrainian nation cherishes ancient traditions and discovers modern art schools. Ukrainians are fond of art and ready for experiments. The number of art galleries and exhibitions in Ukraine impresses, the concert halls and theatres are always full, and the spectators always honour people of art. The Ambassador is astonished and glad how many facts Ukrainians know about Belgium and at their desire to find out more about the state and its capital. The Ambassador is proud to have been here and support Ukraine at a critical juncture of its national development that, however, came at a high price.
Keywords: the Kingdom of Belgium, Ukraine, nation, Ukrainian diaspora, bilateral relations, Belgian investors.

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