Ukraine–EU Dialogue: ‘Homework’ on Reforms and Maintenance of Anti-Russian Sanctions

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Serhii Braha
Editor-in-Chief, Uriadovyi Kurier newspaper


Abstract. The article deals with the cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union and the coverage of events by Uriadovyi Kurier.
It is noted that in 2019, European integration remains one of the priorities of Ukraine’s foreign policy. As a result, journalists pay considerable attention to various visits, summits, and meetings devoted to the issues of European integration of Ukraine. It is stated that in order to provide objective and timely coverage of these events, Uriadovyi Kurier sent its permanent correspondent to Brussels.
The author emphasizes the relevance of such an important problem as Russian disinformation, especially during the 2019 elections in Ukraine and the European Union. It is noted that unlike in the European Union Member States, the spread of fake news and propaganda are part and parcel of the official state policy in Russia.
The article substantiates the idea that the expansion of the European Union anti-Russian sanctions occurred after the attack on Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait, which took place in November 2018. Uriadovyi Kurier paid attention to this issue by writing about the working visits of then Minister for Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin to informal meetings ‘Ukraine + Friends of Ukraine in the EU’ in Brussels.
It is noted that the second meeting of the Brussels UkraineLab was one of the most extensive and notable events related to European integration. Equally is the fact of support for Ukrainian reforms and European integration of Ukraine in the European Parliament.
Summing up, the author notes that European integration remains relevant for the new Ukrainian Government. Therefore, Uriadovyi Kurier will continue to monitor and inform its readers about all developments in this area.
Keywords: Ukraine, European Union, Russia, sanctions, European integration, Uriadovyi Kurier.

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