Tech-Enabled Role Model: From Troublesome Past to Herald of Progress

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Gert Antsu
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Estonia to Ukraine (2016–2019)


Abstract. The interview describes the state of relations between Ukraine and Estonia through the lens of experience of Gert Antsu, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Estonia to Ukraine.
It is mentioned Estonia has been one of the most consistent partners of Ukraine since establishment of diplomatic relations between Estonia and Ukraine, both in the past and recent years before and after the Revolution of Dignity and Russian aggression. Estonia undertakes a moral duty to support a friendly nation in these complex circumstances. However, even close political relations did not prevent damages to the sphere of economy, caused by aggression of the Russian Federation.
The article reports the membership of Estonia in the Un Security Council will not bring substantial changes into relations with Ukraine, since they are friendly and close in any case. Estonia is highly interested in support of stable international order, taking into account the small territory of Estonia and frankly low force potential.
Estonia is dedicated to a struggle against climate changes, since it faces ever-growing effects of such changes. Ten years ago, Estonia joined the EU Emissions Trading System, and Mr Ambassador participated in those negotiations.
The article reports that e-governance is a positive trend among the priorities of policy of Mr Zelenskyi, President of Ukraine. Mr Ambassador has no doubts Estonia can contribute to enhancement of the system ‘Trembita’ that became a successful story of assistance of Estonia and the EU to Ukraine. However, to reveal the project potential in full, Ukraine has to solve several issues where experience of Estonia could be useful.
The article also mentions Mr Ambassador studied Ukrainian. It would be hard for him to study it if he were from Belgium, Portugal or Korea and did not understand the peculiarities of the Slavic languages. He has about 30 book in Ukrainian, most of which are fictions. He considers studying of a language as an evident respect to the receiving state and a useful means for establishment of friendly relations with Ukrainian nation. Studying of languages is an integral attribute of a modern person, thus Mr Ambassador has no doubts: his successor will also study Ukrainian.
Keywords: Estonia, interstate relations, climate changes, Ukrainian language, economic relations, e-governance.

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