Revolution and Reforms: The Prophetic Perfect?

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Alex Lenaerts
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Belgium to Ukraine


Abstract. The interview reports on the diplomatic path of Alex Lenaerts before he took up the post of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Belgium to Ukraine.
Particular attention is attached to the significant changes in state agencies of Ukraine. The author places emphasis on the fact that Ukraine’s path to Europe is long and arduous, thus calling for the need to overcome significant institutional challenges, including corruption, and introduce substantial changes in the judicial system to achieve the rule of law. It is noted that the best way towards successful integration of Ukraine into the European community is implementing reforms.
The author hopes the war in Donbas will soon be over. It is mentioned that Ukraine has great potential, and Belgian companies take an interest in modernising Ukrainian agriculture, the development of transport, energy sector, and renewable energy in Ukraine.
The reader will also find described the distinctive features of building robust economic relations between Ukraine and Belgium, specificities of Belgian investment in Ukraine’s economy, and problems arising in the course of this process.
One of the priorities of the diplomatic mission of Belgium to Ukraine is the matter on perspectives of development of bilateral cooperation in the sphere of renewable energy. Such cooperation would contribute to developing and strengthening Ukrainian energy sector. In the case at hand, there is an urgent need for taking a number of measures to forestall global climate changes.
Special attention is drawn to the description of Belgian educational system. The author underlines the importance of cultural diplomacy tools in the activities of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium to Ukraine.
At the end of the interview, you will find the information on Ambassador’s personal preferences and favourite pastime. It is noted that His Excellency has visited Western, Eastern, and Southern Ukraine, delivered lectures, and shared his thoughts with students at several universities. The article especially notes Mr Lenaerts’s to study the Ukrainian language and reveals the reason of his love to Ukraine and respect of hospitable Ukrainian people.
Key words: bilateral relations, reforms, cultural diplomacy, renewable energy, Ukrainian-Belgian relations, education

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