Remonstrative Resignation: In honour of Anton Buteiko, a Founder of Diplomacy of Independent Ukraine

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Mykhailo Soroka
Honoured Journalist of Ukraine


Abstract. In the article, the author analyses the main milestones of life and career of a Ukrainian diplomat and politician – Anton Buteiko, one of the founders of diplomacy of in-dependent Ukraine.
A native of the historical Volyn town of Staryi Chortoryisk, he became one of the founders of the foreign policy of the newly-established Ukrainian state and its devoted defender. His passionate and convincing word in defense of the Ukrainian state was heard at various international forums and high-profile negotiations. His articles were constantly published in periodicals, television and radio broadcasts, and on the Internet. In addition, he set out his views on the most acute issues of Ukraine’s foreign policy, thereby sharing insights about the progress of bilateral and multilateral negotiations. A. Buteiko insistently defended the European choice of our state and strongly opposed attempts to amend the Constitution of Ukraine propelled by the politics of patronage and partisanship of certain state leaders clinging to power. He was one of the towering figures in Ukrainian politics.
The author also attempts to trace A. Buteiko’s career advancement and diplomatic activities. In the multilateral dimension, his political and diplomatic abounds with acute episodes and dramatic collisions, during which he acted solely in the interests of the Ukrainian cause, showed his innate talent, outstanding abilities, experience, knowledge and unwavering firmness in advocating his patriotic state position. He was a man of strong pro-Ukrainian beliefs, an ardent and consistent defender of Ukraine’s independence and an unequivocal supporter of its Western course and admission to the European Union and NATO. At the same time, he called for good-neighbourly, equal and mutually beneficial relations with Russia.
Keywords: Ukrainian diplomacy, Ukrainian-Romanian dialogue, diplomatic mission, foreign policy.

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