Rectors’ Forum of Higher Educational Institutions of Ukraine and Poland

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Serhii Sydorenko
Vice-Rector on Scientific and Pedagogical Work (International Relations), Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine

Bohdan Duda
Head of the rector’s office secretariat, Director of the Independent Accreditation Centre for Engineering Program


Abstract. The article reports on the activities of the regular Forum of Rectors of Higher Technical Educational Institutions (HTEI) of Ukraine and Poland held at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.
The Association of Rectors of Higher Technical Educational Institutions is a trustworthy public union. The most important achievement in its activities is the development of different methods for Ukraine’s access into European education environment. The author also underlines that the Association cooperates with leading enterprises, which enables it to encompass a vast array of common problems of higher technical education.
Heads of higher technical educational institutions of Ukraine and their colleagues from Poland considered the current state, opportunities, and prospects of expanding cooperation, common challenges of Ukrainian and Polish higher technical education and way for addressing them. In the course of the discussion on European accreditation of engineering education, representatives of Ukraine and Poland signed relevant memoranda of understanding.
On behalf of Ukraine, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute offered a commitment to internationalisation and described all its elements and processes. The Forum also paid attention to the importance of international activities for an educational establishment, systemic integration of the international aspect into educational and scientific activities of a university, etc.
The Forum of Rectors of Higher Technical Educational Institutions of Ukraine and Poland ended with a great concert bringing together the best performance ensembles of universities of Poland and Ukraine.
Within the framework of the Forum, a special joint meeting of the Association of Rectors of HTEI of Ukraine and Conference of Rectors of Technical Universities of the Republic of Poland took place.
During the Forum, some recommendations were approved aimed at contributing to the further development of educational and scientific cooperation and bringing benefits for the whole system of higher technical education in Ukraine and Poland alike.
Keywords: Forum of Rectors of HTEI of Ukraine and Poland, Ukraine, round table, Poland, education, scientific cooperation.

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