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Gela Dumbadze
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Georgia to Ukraine, Permanent Representative of Georgia to the ODER-GUAM


Abstract. The interview of Gela Dumbadze, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Georgia to Ukraine, offers un account of the cooperation mechanisms between Ukraine and Georgia, various spheres for cooperation, and bilateral relations, which often recede from view but have great potential. The example of such interaction is exchange between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. In practice, this cooperation is embodied in intensive communication between representatives of governmental institutions and information exchange. The Embassy exerts major efforts to maintain this dialogue on a permanent basis. It is planned, inter alia, to form a basis for the recognition of driving licenses between Ukraine and Georgia. Crime prevention is also a crucial matter.
The Ambassador has worked in different countries for a long time, thus the interview is devoted to the 20th anniversary of his diplomatic service and the path of Gela Dumbadze as a diplomat.
The trace of Georgian culture in Ukraine is quite noticeable thanks to the vibrant Georgian diaspora, dances, and cuisine. The Embassy always supports all the initiatives, organises many events, facilitates the organisation and holding of festivals. The Ambassador also emphasises that the main feature of each nation is sincerity and spiritual amity, and that Georgians are always glad to welcome Ukrainians. The Ambassador calls for appreciation and preservation of friendly relations, taking interest in history, culture. The good examples of strengthening of cultural exchange is commemoration of the geniuses of Ukrainian and Georgian nations.
The interview also touched on the family matter, since the Ambassador’s wife was born in Ukraine. They have been together for 30 years. According to the Ambassador, family means a lot both for both Georgians and Ukrainians. Where a family has strong traditions, there is always a sound foundation for a state and development. Family is decisive in the formation of personality.
The Ambassador wraps up with expressing his gratitude to the Directorate-General for Rendering Services to Diplomatic Missions for the facilitation of activities of the diplomatic corps.
Keywords: Georgia, cultural exchange, Ukraine, diplomatic service, Georgian diaspora, interaction.

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