National Branding: International Experience

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Liudmyla Chekalenko
Doctor of Political Science, Professor of Hennadii Udovenko Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine, Merited Figure of Science and Technology of Ukraine


Abstract. The article deals with the experience of foreign countries in the formation and promotion of national branding policy. According to the author, in order to strengthen Ukraine’s position in the world, it is necessary to begin with developing and enhancing the level of bilateral cooperation. Particular attention should be attached to such a mechanism of interaction as the dissemination of information and improvement of a state’s image. The author draws attention to the fact that a crucial component of creating the image of a state is territorial branding aimed at promoting and popularizing specific territories. Territorial branding contributes to the restoration of infrastructure, emergence of a skilled workforce, promotion of local entrepreneurship and public-private structures, identification and attraction of adjacent companies and industrial facilities, creation of local attractions, development of social infrastructure and cultural facilities. Certain opportunities lie in the promotion of branding of Ukrainian agricultural products. According to the author, public diplomacy, a network of embassies, a series of publications in well-known advertising agencies should help address these issues. This helps to attract foreign capital with the ensuing efficient promotion of a branding object.
The author argues that Ukraine needs a multi-directional policy aimed at comprehensive development of its national brands in order to facilitate successful exports, tourism, culture promotion, and to attract investment to ensure economic prosperity. The information provided by the author is intended to draw the attention of Ukrainian authorities to the improvement of the foreign policy and investment image of Ukraine.
Keywords: politics, national branding, territorial branding, cooperation, branding, experience, Ukraine.

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