Moment of Truth (on the Occasion of the 80th Anniversary of Academician P. Talanchuk)

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Vitalii Karpenko
Candidate of Philological Sciences, Doctor of Social and Political Sciences at the Ukrainian Free University in Munich, Honoured Journalist of Ukraine


Abstract. The article is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Petro Talanchuk, member of the Academy of Sciences. The author examines the scholar’s surname, its etymology but also stresses that it was tireless work, will and perseverance of P. Talanchuk that enabled him to create many a seminal work.  The author reveals that he has discovered Talanchuk exuberant talent three times in his life. The first time was in 1989, when, dismissal and career risks notwithstanding, P. Talanchuk in his capacity as Rector of Kyiv Polytechnic University allowed the first convocation of the National Movement of Ukraine to gather in the hall of the educational establishment. The second time the author admired P. Talanchuk was when the latter established and developed the Open International University of Human Development ‘Ukraine’ that has operated for more than 20 years. The third time the author discovered for himself this towering academician was in the course of editing the latter’s journalistic book. These situations have made an indelible impression on the author, therefore prompting him to refer to these ‘discoveries’ as the moments of truth.
The article also gives an outline of P. Talanchuk’s writings and singles out the main features distinguishing the scientist from others. According to the author, the paramount feature of Talanchuk’s works is the combination of scientific and emotional character. He attributes it to the fact that our thoughts are driven by technical and scientific thinking, but we write through the lens of our hearts, thus prompting the reader to perceive a text with his mind and spirit. The scientific and journalistic styles create a comprehensive outlook and hold the reader’s interest at the same time. The second paramount feature is dedication to the chosen cause, including educational reforms, the establishment of the University ‘Ukraine’, and experience in the field of education. According to the author, the gift of a publicist lies in putting one’s thoughts simply and figuratively, since these instruments make the said texts the embodiment of top-tier journalism. The third particular feature is P. Talanchuk high patriotism, since the image of Ukraine lies at the core in each of his writings. The author underscores that P. Talanchuk has paid much attention to the problems of the Ukrainian language and coercive imposition of a two-language system. The scholar also spares attention to the matters nationalism but the one without a shred of the Bolshevik ideology, as he considers it as patriotism and love to one’s fellow citizens.
Keywords: moments of truth, Petro Talanchuk, the USSR, International University of Human Development ‘Ukraine’, journalism.

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