Israel–Ukraine: The Importance of History

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Joel Lion
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Israel to Ukraine


Abstract. The interview deals with the impressions and experience of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Israel to Ukraine as well as the most beneficial areas of bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and Israel.
It is also mentioned that although Mr Ambassador officially presented his credentials to the President in November, he has been in Ukraine since the end of August, as staff turnover of Israeli diplomatic missions usually starts in summer.
The article underscores that bilateral cooperation with Israel should, above all, be based on agricultural business because this sphere has a great potential to develop. It is desirable to find how states can intensively cooperate in the sphere of agriculture and agricultural technologies; how to develop real business and not just grow cereals. About 40,000 Ukrainian farmers, predominantly from Kherson and Odesa regions, have taken part in trainings on agricultural business for strengthening cooperation between the two states in this realm. Besides, Israel is becoming increasingly active in the area of physical rehabilitation.
Mr Ambassador argues that a diplomat must have a sound knowledge of history. No less important is to understand the mindset of people of the receiving state. His Excellency has always wanted to serve his state, and there are only few means to do this. You may serve as a diplomat or military man or work at a non-governmental organisation or for people’s sake; however, in the sphere of diplomacy, Mr Ambassador is able to give his state a voice to speak with the world, which is the reason why he became a diplomat.
It is stressed that stereotypes are the reason of many misfortunes in the world. People do not want to find the truth and discover new things and are thus mired in stereotypes, which is why Israel started to position itself as an open state, poised to show its true face. Israel is eager to display this unique combination of antique history, family values, innovations, spiritual traditions, etc. A diplomat should also try to combat stereotypes and present his country as it is.
Key words: Israel, bilateral cooperation, agriculture, agricultural business, rights of women, features of a diplomat.

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