Is Africa that far?

  • Post category:Issue XIX

Suvra Chakraborty
International Consultant of ITC, Geneva, Switzerland, Director of AMC Overseas FZE, promoter of Ukrainian products in the Middle East & Africa (Dubai, UAE)


Abstract. The author deflates the conventional myths and stereotypes, formed about the country. Terminal diseases, frightening poorness – these are the first associations of people when mention Africa. The description of Africa as ‘the black continent’ in cartoons or movies make people to perceive this continent with mistrust and some sort of fear. However, the author analyzes disadvantages and benefits of this young continent, taking into account the modern history of Africa. When all African states gained independence, all material resources were plundered, and people could not obtain good education. The author emphasizes that countries of Africa are the current leaders of mobile banking. Ghana is one of the pioneers in using ‘blockchain’ concept for registration of lands and private property.
The author also substantiates the possibilities of cooperation between Ukraine and Africa in food security. Ukrainians may finely contribute to development of agriculture and food industry of Africa. Ukraine can also offer its experience in heavy engineering, mining equipment, development of infrastructure, food processing technologies, IT, etc.
The author also stresses that the main step for any business, purporting to cooperate with Africa, is determination of a country or region. It is also necessary to establish own target market at the continent. Small countries may offer both good perspectives and limited number of clients, thus it is desirable to examine thoroughly the specific character of the region chosen, taking into consideration the logistics and financial matters. The article puts an emphasis on dimension and diversity of Africa, thus anyone may discover something special in this continent.
Keywords: continent, modern history of Africa, colonial period, cooperation, session of the UN Economic Commission.

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