International Solidarity Campaigns with Ukrainian Journalists

  • Post category:Issue XIX

Serhii Tomilenko
Head of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine

Lina Kushch
First Secretary of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine


Abstract. The article analyses the main fields of activities of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NUJU) and specifies its main partners and topical joint projects for cooperation. The article states that the development of international communication with associations and media employees’ organisations, diplomatic and non-governmental organisations, and higher educational establishments allows the union to ensure the protection of journalists’ rights and develop information space. The NUJU is the key partner in Ukraine for the Office of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media in Vienna. The article mentions a round table in Odesa attended by the Head of the European Federation of Journalists, where matters of journalists’ safety and other important issues were discussed. The authors also substantiate the means the NUJU uses for solidarity campaigns with its Ukrainian counterparts illegally detained in uncontrolled territories or Russian prisons. In addition, the article singles out the consequences of the partnership between UNESCO and the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, such as a textbook entitled Journalists and Police: Recommendations for Ensuring Understanding. The NUJU’s close involvement in international conferences and other events offering an opportunity for the organisation to render its views in respect of many issues is also delineated. In addition, the NUJU maintains contact with journalism organisations of Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Sweden, Germany, and other European countries. The authors examines the main principles of the international cooperation of the NUJU, which enable it to take advantage of international platforms for promulgating position of the Union, carry out international solidarity campaigns with Ukrainian journalists, distribute information about activities of the Union, share experience, and conduct joint events with journalists from other countries.
Keywords: National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, OSCE, international cooperation, protection of freedom of speech, assistance to journalists.

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