Etiquette is Easy. Advice from His Excellency’s Wife

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Yuliia Matkovska


Abstract. The article considers the Ukrainian-language version of the book about etiquette of Iryna Filippova, the wife of a diplomat, Ambassador Extraordinary And Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to France, the Netherlands, and Monaco. It was mentioned that the book was published with the participation of the Directorate-General for Rendering Services to Foreign Missions and the creative team of the Advertising and Publishing Department of the “Mediacenter” Directorate. It is noted that this is the third book by the author. Her previous editions of “Paris in Gift Wrappings” and “High-Heeled” were successful with readers.
The definition of the term “etiquette” is given. Namely, it is indicated that these are rules and regulations that reflect the idea of decent behaviour of people in society.
The ideological content of this publication can be understood from the title. It is noted that due to the unusual presentation and the “Lego” style inherent in the author of the book, the wife of a Ukrainian diplomat attracts the reader to actively listen to a pleasant story about unusual, or even comic, cases from the diplomatic social life, creating an atmosphere of private conversation over a Cup of coffee. The book covers outfits for official visits, and delicate tips for meetings and receptions, and recommendations for the consumption of extraordinary dishes, as well as interesting suggestions for choosing clothes and creating appropriate images. In addition, the writer in her publication made an excursion into the past to tell readers the historical facts of the establishment of certain etiquette norms, and also shared current ideas of the balance between ‘convenient’ and ‘representative’.
It is noted that this is not a manual of etiquette or protocol instruction for beginners, but a harmonious combination of stories and memories of the author of the book. The leading idea is a sincere and tolerant attitude to those who are near. It is noted that the tips that can be found in the book will be useful in everyday life. Therefore, this publication is an indispensable adviser not only for representatives of diplomatic circles.
Keywords: Iryna Filippova, etiquette, diplomat’s wife, writer, advice.

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