Brazil–Ukraine: Partners at Sea or Overseas Partners

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Oswaldo Biato Junior
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federative Republic of Brazil to Ukraine


Abstract. The interview provides information on the diplomatic path of Oswaldo Biato Junior, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federative Republic of Brazil to Ukraine. It articulates the idea that future transformations in Ukraine The article provides estimations on future changes in Ukraine will reverberate on social and political changes across the entire Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. Special attention is drawn to the beneficial strategic position of Ukraine. The article puts emphasis on the activities of the Embassy of Brazil to Ukraine aimed at strengthening cooperation between the two states. It is also noted that Brazilian society has a positive attitude towards Ukraine.
The article provides data concerning the project Ukrainian Prizm, responsible for foreign policy analysis on a regular basis. It is stressed that the project is a useful initiative, since politicians can find out information on the progress made and results achieved in its framework.
The article suggests that Ukraine should work upon its potential and avoid presenting itself solely as a victim of the Russian aggression. Instead, it should position itself as a country with huge trade, investment, and education capacity. The Ambassador reminds that Brazil and Ukraine have always maintained friendly diplomatic relations, which is only reinforced by the fact there are almost 500,000 Ukraine-born Brazilians. It is stressed Ukraine should be promoted in Latin America, especially given the less and less Europocentric character of the world.
The articles focuses on the fact that Brazil does not and will not admit the Crimean peninsula as part of the Russian Federation.
Special attention is drawn to the project of the Cyclon-4 carrier rocket. The reasons for the termination of activities in this sphere as well as new cooperation prospects are described.
The interviews also offers an insight into the information on achievements in certain realms of economy in the course of the establishment of the Ukrainian-Brazilian dialogue.
Key words: Ukrainian-Brazilian relations, Ambassador, Ukrainian Prizm, Latin America, bilateral cooperation.

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