2018 – Year of Ukrainian Reforming

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Аlexander Vinnikov
Head of the NATO Representation to Ukraine

DOI https://doi.org/10.37837/2707-7683-2018-26

Abstract. The interview with Аlexander Vinnikov, Head of the NATO Representation to Ukraine, provides answers to such questions as NATO assistance to Ukraine in the process of reforming the defence and security sector, and availability of programs already being implemented in Ukraine. NATO members help to develop capabilities of Ukraine in logistics, standardisation, cyber defence, communications, and medical rehabilitation. Special attention is drawn to the enhancement of knowledge and skills of employees of the defence and security sector in Ukraine, NATO support in social adaptation of former servicemen, improvement of the defense and education system of Ukraine, construction of communication facilities and expansion of cooperation among scholars, working upon security-related projects.
NATO Trust Fund for Medical Rehabilitation provides aid both for private persons and medical establishments. Ukrainian rehabilitation centers are being equipped with modern medical facilities, and servicemen are undergoing rehabilitation both in Ukraine and abroad.
The article also offers an account of the possibility of NATO accession as one of the most important matters in the relations of Ukraine and NATO along with key global threats NATO is facing. Among such threats, the Ambassador singles out nuclear proliferation in North Korea, terrorism, a precarious situation in the Middle East and North Africa as well as permanent violation of international state borders by Russia. An ever-increasing number of cyber attacks is also mentioned. No state can counter these challenges on its own. In the modern unified world, such complex global challenges require global actions. Thus, the Ambassador stresses that NATO is working upon continuous adaptation of the Alliance to an ever-demanding security environment.
Keywords: NATO, international relations, state borders, servicemen, medical rehabilitation.

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