When a Word Is a Formidable Weapon

Mykhailo Soroka
Associate Professor, Head of the Kyiv Organisation of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NUJU), Member of the Board of the NUJU, Merited Journalist of Ukraine

DOI: 10.37837/2707-7683-2022-30

Abstract. The article explores the operation of journalists amid the russian-Ukrainian war. The author underlines the consolidation of Ukrainian media, highlighting in this regard the all-Ukrainian radio marathons, such as the ‘Together we are strong’ broadcast. Ukrainian mass media, particularly broadcasting media, have mobilised into a robust frontline for powerful resistance against the enemy’s attempts to sow panic, launch fakes and disseminate falsehoods.
The paper argues that such mobilisation of domestic mass media resources in the war for Ukraine is unique not only for state-level but for global journalism as well. In this connection, the Pulitzer Prize Board recognised Ukrainian journalists with a special award ‘for courage, endurance and commitment to truthful reporting’ in April 2022.
The article also states that the challenges of the information sphere, including those of regional outlets, warrant our utmost attention. To understate them, let alone neglect them, means to sabotage our resistance to the enemy, which has been investing colossal capital into its mass media tools.
The author observes the sharp lack of military-specialised media outlets following their liquidation amid hastened denationalisation. Finally, he asserts that policymakers need to review certain legislative norms of denationalisation and urgently implement opportunities for restoration and support of all-Ukrainian printed outlets on the state level.
Keywords: war, journalists, mass media, information, Pulitzer Prize, broadcast channels.

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