Russia’s War against Ukraine and Its Impact on Regional and Global Processes

Borys Humeniuk
Doctor of History, Full Professor, Head of the Department of Public Management and International Relations of the National Pedagogical Drahomanov University, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

DOI: 10.37837/2707-7683-2022-1

Abstract. The article analyses the impact of the russian-Ukrainian war on regional and global processes. The emphasis is placed on Ukraine’s ongoing national liberation war as an opportunity for the final liberation of national consciousness from the vestiges of the Stalinist administrative-political system of the ex-Soviet empire, and the eradication of anti-state (primarily pro-russian) political forces. There is a chance for self-affirmation of Ukrainian identity in the international arena as a politically monolithic state entity with Euro-Atlantic values based on science-intensive and high-tech potential.
The study reveals that the russian-Ukrainian war demonstrated the flaws of the European security system, the miscalculations of the leaders of NATO countries, leading European politicians, and the weakening of the security situation on the continent. The author states that the creators of the European security system recognised the mistakes they had made and quickly started working on eliminating previous miscalculations. The foundation of the new international coalition in support of Ukraine was laid by the meeting in Ramstein on 26 April 2022, which showed the determination of allies to invest in the result – the victory of Ukraine.
The author highlights the new quality of relations between Ukraine and NATO, which emerged in March–April 2022 as a basic component of the newly created system of European and global security.
Moreover, the article demonstrates the fundamental impact of the russian-Ukrainian war on the system of international relations, its security, economic, and trade components, as well as the reformatting of world Orthodoxy amid the discrediting of the russian orthodox church.
In general, the security architecture in Europe has radically changed since 24 February 2022. The russian invasion of Ukraine has caused a serious impact on the new perception and new understanding of the Northern European defence community by its members.
The post-war, remodelled European security system can no longer be imagined without Ukraine’s multilateral participation in it as a basic element of this system.
Keywords: national liberation war, identity, NATO, the architecture of European security

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