Partnership within Ukrainian-Indonesian Interstate Relations: Practical Aspect of Cooperation

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Serhii Koshovyi
Candidate of Historical Sciences, Chief Advisor at Inter-Parliamentary Relations Division of the Administration of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine


Abstract. The article analyses modern condition of Ukrainian-Indonesian relations, studies special features of interaction between Ukraine and Indonesia, highlights topical priori-ties of foreign and security policies of Indonesia. The goals of Indonesian policy on international development and trade, international cooperation and diplomacy are clearly stated. They define the fundamental model of relations that Indonesia implements in respect of its neighbors as well as the other states within the international organizations of which it is a member. A wide range of Indonesian issues, namely foreign policy, domestic policy, security, history, regional cooperation and others are also highlighted. The role of Indonesia in the context of the ASEAN is defined. Taking into consideration the geopolitical situation in the world and Asia region, which has appeared as the result of dynamic changes in external and security environments and the formation of competitive regional economic structures, Indonesia currently pays more attention to deepening cooperation within the framework of the ASEAN, believing that this powerful and successful regional institution is not just an economic lever for the region’s development, but also a strategic and security imperative.
In addition, the article summarizes political elements of bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and Indonesia, defines the position of official Jakarta concerning Russian aggression against Ukraine, outlines cooperation of Ukraine and Indonesia within the framework of international organizations. Moreover, the attention is paid to means of bilateral cooperation, particularly in economic, scientific and technical and humanitarian fields. Major directions and opportunities for further enhancing of bilateral cooperation are stated.
Keywords: Ukraine, Republic of Indonesia, countries of South-East Asia, Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN), foreign policy, diplomatic relations, security, regional cooperation.

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