Ontological Aspects of the russia-Ukraine War

Ihor Lossovskyi
PhD in Physics and Mathematics, First-Class Minister Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine

DOI: 10.37837/2707-7683-2022-22

Abstract. The article gives an insight into the political nature, causes, motivations of the parties, and the essence of the russia-Ukraine war. The author considers the ideological preconditions, reasons and consequences of the russian armed aggression against Ukraine, as well as the evolution of political and security doctrines of the ruling regime in russia.
The author’s theoretical discourse, which formulates the political nature, essence, causes and peculiarities of this war, is based on the provisions of the classic military theory. The fundamental ideas are gaining new relevance in the context of hybrid war with the simultaneous presence of elements and factors of military confrontation of several successive generations of warfare.
It is argued that this war is the result of the inevitable collision of two opposite incompatible historical paradigms regarding the further development of Ukraine and the entire post-Soviet space. The author clearly states the peculiarities of the russian-Ukrainian war.
Keywords: hybrid war, russia’s armed aggression, genocide, state terrorism, ruscism, russian world, military escalation.

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