New Activities in the Field of Cultural Diplomacy

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Pavlo Kryvonos
Director-General of “GDIP” SE, Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the 2nd rank


Abstract. The author emphasizes that the political power of each state is diplomatic recognition and high-level interstate relations that are mutually beneficial for the parties. The article is concerned with areas of activity of the Directorate-General for Rendering Services to Diplomatic Missions. One of the most fundamental goals in this regard is to provide foreign embassies and international organizations appropriate conditions for their functioning at the highest level, fulfil the duties. In 2018, the staff of the General Directorate for servicing foreign missions again joined the implementation of events in the field of cultural diplomacy. The delegation of the GDIP took part in the scientific conference ” Ukraine and Georgia: Centenary of Diplomatic Relations”. This year, the project “Day of Ukraine in Europe” was continued, the main goal of which is to spread positive information about Ukraine and the history of its statehood, to present the achievements of Ukrainian culture and science in the world, to form effective contacts with foreign organizations of Ukrainians. GDIP also continues to involve its partners, in particular Outlook, in the implementation of projects. However, noted that smaller values of the representatives of GDIP pay for cultural diplomacy.
Due to active cooperation of scientific and diplomatic institutions of both Ukraine and foreign countries in 2017–2018, many important measures for bilateral relations were held and organized, in particular scientific events (conferences, presentations, briefings, round tables and panel discussions), which are always accompanied by an exhibition of archival documents about the origin of national-state diplomatic traditions 100 years ago. GDIP also cooperates with state and local authorities, so in the future it opens for diplomats picturesque cities and amazing nature of Ukraine.
Keywords: Ukrainian diplomatic service, 100 years of diplomatic relations, GDIP, foreign missions, scientific events, cultural diplomacy.

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