NATO and the Full-Scale Invasion of the russian federation of Ukraine

Oleksandr Potiekhin
Doctor of History, Full Professor Sumy State Makarenko Pedagogical University Chief Scientific Officer, Institute of World History of the NAS of Ukraine
ORCID: 0000-0002-1856-2672

DOI: 10.37837/2707-7683-2022-4

Abstract. The article deals with the interaction between Ukraine and NATO in the context of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. It is worth noting that Ukraine and the Alliance are already paving the way to closer ties, as determined by the logic of war. The focus is on strengthening bilateral contacts and forging regional alliances by means of Ukrainian diplomacy. Therefore, the author highlights the role of individual member states of NATO and the organisation as a whole in helping Ukraine in the military, humanitarian, and economic spheres. Ukraine’s membership in NATO would be a reliable guarantee of the security of our state. At the same time, the author mentions the prospects of the security alliance of the United Kingdom, Poland, and Ukraine with the possible participation of the Baltic states in pursuit of European stability.
Russia presents a threat to world security considering its nuclear and energy potential. Nevertheless, the author also offers an insight into the controversial views and pro-russian sentiments of foreign analysts regarding the russian full-scale attack on Ukraine and future world order and stability. Some mentioned analysts are displacing the focus to justify the russian invasion and provide narratives for the sake of russian propaganda.
The author determines the main provisions of the NATO 2022 Strategic Concept on the partner countries of the Alliance, approved at the Madrid Summit. The steps that the North Atlantic Alliance must take to become an effective player in international stability in Europe are listed. The conclusion comes up as follows: if these measures are not taken, NATO as an organisation for overcoming the problems of international security and deterring the aggressor will be comparable in effectiveness to the OSCE and the UN.
Keywords: russo-Ukrainian war, NATO, cooperation, security, stability.

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