International Sanctions against the Russian Federation: An Instrument of Pressure and Punishment for Its Aggression against Ukraine and Other International Crimes

Oleksandr Motsyk
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA (2010–15)

DOI 10.37837/2707-7683-2020-37

Abstract. The article describes international sanctions against the Russian Federation as an instrument of pressure and punishment for its aggression against Ukraine and other international crimes. The author asserts that sanctions are used to enforce international legal norms when all voluntary conciliation measures of resolving a conflict caused by an international delinquency are exhausted. The Russian aggression endangered the whole European security architecture formed after World War II with the meaningful participa¬tion of the US, European countries, and Moscow, then the Soviet Union.
As Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA in 2010–15, the author of the article worked in 2014 with his American colleagues from the State Department, National Security Council, Pentagon, and US Department of the Treasury on the provision of support to Ukraine and imposition of sanctions on Russia. Appeals to exert pressure on Russia to stop its interven¬tion and to provide assistance to Ukraine were also addressed to the UN, other internation¬al organisations, and financial institutions. More than 40 states have joined the anti-Russian sanctions.
The author underscores that sanctions can in no case be reduced; rather, they should made tougher until Russia withdraws its troops Ukraine and stops flagrantly violating in¬ternational law. If Western states have a unified position and political will, Russia will be compelled to respect the international order and security system formed by the interna¬tional community after World War II, particularly in Europe.
The author emphasises that despite the importance of sanctions, it is not until Ukraine has a robust economy, consistent alignment with Europe, European values, and a powerful military that it will regain control over the occupied Donbas and Crimea.
Keywords: international sanctions, Russian Federation, Donbas, Crimea, security system, law and order.

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